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Physical Surveillance Course

Excalibur LogoSB7 Physical Surveillance Course (PSC) - Excalibur is an intense and highly immersive five-day course offered by Silverback7. This training program provides the necessary skills to operate as a member of a surveillance team in the conduct of undetected physical surveillance via foot, vehicle, & public transportation. This program provides a highly effective understanding of the fundamental surveillance techniques, tactics, & procedures (TTPs) employed by United States and United Kingdom Special Operation Forces. Even with current surveillance and tracking technologies and capabilities, physical surveillance is a vital and essential skill in the planning and preparation prior to the conduct and subsequent transition to technical surveillance options as well a means of  providing mission essential information incapable of being obtained by technical solutions. Additionally, the sound foundation provided by this course in physical surveillance methodologies is equally important and absolutely critical prior to engaging in surveillance detection training and/or operations.

SSRCThe PSC is conducted in the Washington DC-Northern Virginia metropolitan area.  Known as a premier location for immersive operational surveillance training and exercise work, the DC Metro Area has a myriad of challenging urban and rural environments with diverse economic and ethnic areas. This area also includes a full spectrum transportation system including a variety of public transportation options; a maritime environment (Chesapeake Bay and tributaries); and proximity to rural environments.  This area is leveraged during the PSC to provide multifaceted, operationally relevant, and challenging opportunities to develop individual and collective skills.

PSC’s instructors hail from the most elite elements of the U.S. Special Operations, the British SAS/SBS, law enforcement agencies, and intelligence organizations. Attendees learn our hybrid surveillance system that integrates the most operationally relevant and proven TTPs from U.S. and U.K. intelligence and special mission organizations.

The Excalibur Course includes phased instruction on a variety of skills to include Surveillance Principles, Stakeout Operations, The Follow, Handovers and Transitions, Demeanor Management, Foreign Environment Navigation, Surveillance Communication, Force Protection, Surveillance Planning, and Post Operational Debriefing and Intelligence Integration. Formal instruction, mentorship and frequent student feedback also includes extensive use of relevant international operational vignettes from our highly experienced instructors.

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No other course provides the required essential skills to conduct such surveillance operations in a more clear, concise, and direct manner.

PSC relies heavily on both day and night practical exercises of increasing complexity to reinforce previous training while adding new dimensions and skills into the exercise at a pace that appropriately challenges the students without losing sight of training objectives. All students rotate through leadership positions and a variety of surveillance member roles during course execution to reinforce a complete understanding of surveillance operations. The practical exercises are structured on contemporary threats and employ multiple tradecraft trained targets operating within the context of current and relevant world based scenarios.