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Corporate Leadership
Steven R. Lahr - Chief Executive Officer

Steven R. Lahr
is the founder and chief executive officer for Silverback 7 (SB7). He has served as the CEO of SB7 since March 2005.

Prior to founding SB7, Mr. Lahr served in the U.S. Army for 22 years. As a Special Forces officer, he was responsible for planning, resourcing and leading sensitive, complex, nationally directed operations for the Department of Defense and other government agencies. He served in eight distinct combat or hostile fire zones during his military career; often deploying to those areas more than once. He supervised high-risk operations with the Special Operations Command and the Joint Inter-Agency community including work with the CIA, DoS, FBI, U.S. Marshals and U.S. Customs. He commanded Special Operations forces engaged in a variety of combat, special operations and intelligence related missions during the Global War on Terrorism.

As an active member of the community, Mr. Lahr is a proud volunteer for local programs. He is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Region’s Government Contractor Council (Prince William County Chamber of Commerce), the Virginia Tech Athletic Boosters, and is currently serving as the Vice Chairman of a local Veteran’s organization (Vigilant Torch Association). His benevolent activities include religious charities, and support to several veteran’s non-profit organizations such as the Marine Corps Association Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Fallen Warriors Foundation and the Warriors on the Water tournament program. 

Mr. Lahr holds an M.A. in international studies from Georgetown University and a B.S. in business management from the University of Maryland.

Steven Wade - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Steven E. Wade is co-founder and chief operating officer for Silverback7 (SB7). 

Mr. Wade has over 22 years of counterterrorism experience within Special Operations. Having served for 12 years within Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and 10 years within Joint Special Operations, he has held positions of team sergeant, company level Sergeant Major and battalion level Operations Sergeant Major.

Mr. Wade developed, managed, deployed, and led multiple post 9/11 Special Compartmented programs for DoD’s Global War on Terrorism and as such he is an acknowledged expert in Counter Terrorism, Counter Intelligence, Force Protection, Special Reconnaissance, Direct Action, Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, and Personnel Recovery. He has remarkable operational experience with deployments to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bosnia, Croatia, Haiti, Ecuador, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan.