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Complete Menu of Exercise Development

  • Live-Virtual-Constructive Environments
  • Full Spectrum Operations Scenario
  • Exercise Control
    • Scenario Development
    • Orders Development
    • MSEL Development
    • On-Site Dynamic Scripting

Relevant Scenarios

  • SOF, Counter-Terror, Counter-Narcotics
  • Joint-SOF, Joint-Interagency, Multi-Service
  • Complex Intelligence Scenarios and Operations
  • HUMINT, SIGINT, and GEOINT Integration

Higher Headquarters Control

  • Higher HQ Staff Manning and Role Players
  • Virtual-Constructive Response Cells

Exercise Support and Infrastructure

  • Element Mentors, Controllers, and Evaluators
  • Buildings, Real Estate, and Store Fronts
  • Special Conveyances
  • Technical Support

Specialized SMEs, Mentors, and Role Players

  • Country Team
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Surveillance and Elicitation Teams
  • Opposing Force

Highly Refined Urban and Rural Expertise

  • Integrated Urban Activities
  • Discreet Activities
  • Low Visibility Operational Support

SB7 Home