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Surveillance and Reconnaissance Training

Silverback7 conducts a wide range of surveillance related instruction with courses that are specifically tailored to the client, their mission, and the desired topics and skills. Reflected below are primary topic / course examples, any of which can be modified, combined, or paired with others or with complementing instruction such as Photography / Digital Collection, Surveillance Detection, Progressive Driving, etc. Course duration varies by subject and the desired training objectives, and typically ranges from 3-5 days to several weeks.

  • Physical Surveillance (foot, mobile, and multi-mode)
  • Static Surveillance (Urban or Rural)
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)
  • Low Signature / Low Visibility Operations

In addition to our client specific, custom courses, we also offer "Open Seat Enrollment Courses."

The following courses are periodically conducted and open for individual and small group attendance.

SB7 Special Surveillance Reconnaissance Course (SSRC) - Odin

The Special Surveillance Reconnaissance Course (SSRC) – Odin is a three-week course offered by Silverback7.  This dynamic and immersive training program will provide attendees with the skills necessary to collect critical and predictive information on personnel and facilities of interest utilizing our proven system that integrates Physical Surveillance, Technical Surveillance, Tagging Tracking and Locating (TTL), and Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) techniques.

SB7 Physical Surveillance Course (PSC) - Excalibur

The Physical Surveillance Course (PSC) - Excalibur is an intense and highly immersive five-day course offered by Silverback7. This training program provides the necessary skills to operate as a member of a surveillance team in the conduct of undetected physical surveillance via foot, vehicle, and public transportation. This program provides a highly effective understanding of the fundamental surveillance techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) employed by United States and United Kingdom Special Operation Forces.

Finally, Silverback7 routinely provides surveillance-related Exercise Support in a variety of areas to include:

  • Professional Surveillance Teams (FISS or other threat replication)
  • Surveillance Role Players / "Rabbits"
  • Red Team Operations (multi discipline)
  • Surveillance Integration and Management
  • Exercise design and management (F3EAD)
  • Mentors and Advisors
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